Jose Solarte


Medium Dark
Whole Bean French Press Grind Pour Over Grind Espresso Grind
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450 gram bag.

Finca La Maria is a family farm located in Buesaco that is owned and managed by Luis Alfonso Solarte. His brother, Jairo Solarte, is an electronic engineer who specializes in Telematics with a Master’s degree in Computational Engineering. Jose Solarte, the son of Luis, is a lawyer who specializes in constitutional law and coffee production. This talented and skilled family has 12 hectares of land planted with Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, and Pink Bourbon varieties. The family employs 2-3 core workers to manage the processing during harvest and 10-20 pickers from neighbouring families. The type of processing method used at the farm depends on the climate conditions and market demand. Washed and natural processes are the most common at Finca La Maria, however, they have been experimenting with a variety of different processing methods such as lactic and alcoholic fermentation. Jose is heavily involved in this research process. He roasts and tastes every batch to ensure the desired quality is achieved before scaling his production. The family’s combined efforts to maximize coffee quality is evident in the juicy, sweet, and complex flavours found in the final cup.



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